• ZMR-X210 V1.1 210mm Carbon Fiber Mini FPV Quadcopter Frame Kit with PCB Board
    ZMR-X210 V1.1 210mm Carbon Fiber Mini FPV Quadcopter Frame Kit with PCB Board

    FPVModel ZMR-X210 Detailed Build by Mr. Joshua Bardwell"ZMR-X210 FPV & Motorcross" by Titan Chan, FPVModel Sponsored PilotThe ZMR-X210 is an evolution of the ZMR design, in keeping up with the changing times this ZMR was re-worked from the ground up. We are not just modifying the arms to give a "X" type of layout, we have re-worked it entirely to provide what the modern user wants. This frame features aluminum mounting hardware that allows for faster arm changes. This frame also gives the user options for weight saving. By using a single bottom plate the user can opt for weight savings by leaving out the 4mm spacers and "2nd" bottom plate. (This saves weight by eliminating the use of one plate and 8 4mm spacers.) The weight savings can be crutial in times of attending races but the arms being sandwiched between two plates and using the 4mm spacers allows for exceptional strengh improvement too. The choice is up to the the weight in times of racing or use both plates when flying free-style and expecting to crash frequently and desire strenth over a few grams of weight savings. Featuring an X design made popular by the likes of Alien and QAVraceblade/R this quad is sure to help keep the center of gravity where you want it, in the center.The ZMR-X210 ARF packages are also available for your easy setup.Includes:1x ZMR-X210 Carbon Fiber Frame4x 4mm Carbon Fiber Arms 1X camera mount for Foxeer Arrow V2 HS1190 and the cameras in similar size (26mm)1x Board Camera Mount 1x Set of Steel screws, aluminum mounting hardware, and standoffs 1x Maytech PDB 2x FPVModel velco strap1x 1.5mm top plate 2x 2mm lower platesWeight: 174 grams (Frame and hardware totally ) Updated on May 18th, 2016: The ZMR-X210 has been upgraded to Version V1.1.V1.1   V1.0

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  • Feather SX-220 FPV Racing Frame
    Feather SX-220 FPV Racing Frame

    Feather SX-220 FPV Racing QuadFeather SX-220 is a light and durable frame made of Japanese 3K carbon fiber. It features an easily removable camera housing mount that allows the user to access the interior of the frame to preform basic maintenance on electronic components. The side panel camera mounts for your FPV camera can be adjusted from 10-60 degrees to allow for a camera angle that can suit both beginner and experienced pilots. The camera protection housing also works double duty and can be used as a 30 degree mount for you HD action cameras. The interior arm nuts are pressed into the carbon fiber by using pressed nuts we’re able to achieve a simplistic design that looks nice and has a use. The screws for the arm placement can easily be removed and allow for very easy arm removal in the event that one might need to be changed. Feather SX-220 weighs in at 86.5 grams. This includes all bolts, nuts, standoffs and the sma glass fiber antenna mount. Such a light weight will help you shave off plenty of grams in your racing build. Feather SX-220 is also our first quad to be backed with a one year warranty against defects and broken parts. Please have a look at our 1 year replacement warranty that protects you from broken carbon fiber that may occur to your quad within it’s first year of use. Features:Made of Ultra High Quality Japanese 3K Carbon Fiber.Camera Angle can be Adjusted Between 10~60 Degree.FPV/Action Camera Mounts.30 Degree Mount for HD Action Cameras.Glass-fiber SMA mount.Turtle mode Compatible.Replaceable Arms for Easy Installing and Reparing.Only 86.5g includes all bolts, nuts, standoffs and the SMA glass fiber antenna mount.Warranty ClaimsIn the event that breakage does occur, FPV Model is offering a a full coverage warranty on both Carbon Fiber and aluminum stand-offs. In order to process your claim, please send an email to In the email please include the following information: 1.) Your order number. 2.) Your Full Name3.) Pictures of the broken parts with arrows highlighting the problem. Please send pictures of the broken parts. The pictures should show the parts installed on the frame and include a paper note with your order number clearly visible in the photos. Please do not send pictures of parts you may have found on the internet. 

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  • XBEE 230mm FreeStyle Frame Kit with PDB
    XBEE 230mm FreeStyle Frame Kit with PDB

    Size Guide · Wheelbase 230mm Features · Full Carbon Fiber · 2mm Bottom Plate, 2mm Top Plate and 4mm arms · Matek PDB include(PDB-XT60 w/BEC 5V & 12V) · Black steel screws · Weight : 102g Includes · Carbon parts 4 x 4mm 5.5inch ARMs 1 x 2mm Top Plate 1 x 2mm Bottom Plate 1 x 1.5mm Arm Upper Plate 2 x 1.5mm Camera mount Sidewall for XAT(28mm) 2 x 1.5mm Camera mount Sidewall for ARROW(29mm) 2 x 1.5mm Cam Mount (angle 25) 1 x 1.5mm Cam Mount Plate 1 x 1.5mm Antenna Mount 1 x 2mm Front Bumper · Hardware 4 x 35mm Matt black standoff 2 x 33.5mm Matt black standoff 2 x 22mm Matt black standoff 12 x 3*5mm Metal bolt 4 x 3*8mm Metal bolt 5 x 3*10mm Metal bolt 4 x 3*15mm Metal bolt 4 x M3*5 Nylon post 8 x M3 Nylon nut · PDB parts 1 x PDB-XT60 w/BEC 5V & 12V 1 x XT60

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  • X-Racer KL-EX90 Micro Racing Quad Frame Kit
    X-Racer KL-EX90 Micro Racing Quad Frame Kit

    KL-EX90 Indoor FPVX-Racer KL-EX90 LOS Maiden Flight By the RCAddictWarning: This frame can handle components that equal much larger mini quads, please treat it with respect. Introducing the KL-EX90! This is a frame that is designed to open your eyes to the possibility of seeing a 90mm class airframe that can compete with the “big boys” We’ve already proven it in Shanghai. We put it up against the much larger quads and placed higher than the average competitor! This frame can be an indoor flyer when paired with the correct motors but I’m afraid to say FPVMODEL doesn’t offer those motors. We want to respect the designer’s intentions, offer a small beast that can compete in professional settings. If you want docile, go Eachine. If you want performance take this frame and match it with motors designed to make it shine! Click here for an awesome motor combination. The price is for frame kit only, including the 3D printed parts. If you like the complete set, we have two combos for you: One is the BNF combo, the other is the ARF DIY combo.Package Includes:1 x KL-EX90 Frame1 x 3D Printed Camera Mount for Runcam Micro Swift 1 x 3D Printed Taillight Mount8 x ScrewsYou might also need (not included): Dragonfly MC1105 Micro Class Racing MotorFlycolor RAPTOR S-TowerRunCam Micro Swift FPV CameraDranonfly5.8g25MW 48CHGemFan 2035BN 4-Blade PropellersOrignal Amass XT30 Plug MaleCJMCU WS2812 5050 RGB LED BoardThe design of KL-EX90 is inspired by the champion KL200Race racing quad. Much smaller in size, but gives you the same flying experience of professional 200 and 210 class racing drones.

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  • X-Racer X-1 Replacement Kit of Frame and Canopy
    X-Racer X-1 Replacement Kit of Frame and Canopy

    * Before Purchasing: Regular price $4.98 USD. For a limited time, we only sell this kit at a killing price of $1.99 USD. Each customer is limited to 10 sets and can not use any discount coupon. This is the replacement kit of frame & canopy for X-Racer X-1 DIY purpose. A transparent packaging is included.

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  • KL200Race Racing Quadcopter with PCB Board
    KL200Race Racing Quadcopter with PCB Board

    KL200RACE Brief Introduction & Flying FootagesIntroducing the FPVMODEL KL200RACE FPV racing quadcopter. It is a symmetric 200mm size airframe. The 200mm is measured motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally.The KL200RACE is built for FPV racing. It features a light-weight, symmetrical carbon fiber body. The frame has been stripped down to the bare essentials yet maintain the strength and durability. The weight is only 82 grams including the PDB and included hardwares.Two ways to place the LiPo battery. You can fly with your HD camera with the 3D printed GoPro mount, and strap the battery under the bottom plate. Or you can place the battery on the top plate if you are using the FPV camera, like HS1190. The angle of FPV camera mounting can be adjusted from 0 degree to 60 degree as per your desire. The KL200RACE frame also comes with a small LED strip to set at the back. With only one LED, your airframe will be shinning and stand out other racing quadcopters. The colors of LED can be set via Cleanflight.The KL200RACE is not with a "X" type layout but a butterfly like shape to avoid the PID setting problem of usual X frames. It utilizes high quality 3K carbon fiber that is precision machined for a superb fit-and-finish. This Carbon Fiber is backed by FPVmodels name so you can trust that it is top of the line.For your easy build, we have several KL200RACE ARF packages available.Specs & Features4.0mm Main Frame2.0mm Top Frame / 4.0mm Top Frame (Need to purchase seperately)Aluminum Anodized & Stainless Steel HardwareLight Shell with SMA Holder ComboGoPro Mount93 Grams only (Including Frame, PDB and Hardwares) Friendly reminder: The battery showed in the pictures is not included in the frame kit.The parts included in the frame kits.

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  • ZMR210R 210mm Racing Quadcopter Frame Kit
    ZMR210R 210mm Racing Quadcopter Frame Kit

    ZMR210R PID Tuning by The RCAddictThe ZMR210R is built for high performance FPV drone racing. We have listened to many experienced pilots and changed the bottom plate to one piece for exceptional strengh improvement. The ZMR210R is an evolution of the ZMR design, in keeping up with the changing times this ZMR was re-worked from the ground up. We are not just modifying the arms to give a "X" type of layout, we have re-worked it entirely to provide what the modern user wants. The ZMR210R is an airframe designed with strength in mind. This bare bones racers is a simple X style unibody design with a small footprint. Keeping strength in mind we have left out the cut outs that usually add weight reduction and an estetic appeal and decided wed make up the weight reduction by focusing on a smaller frame while leaving enough area to still comfortably install all the components for the build. This frame features routed edges that gives a smooth rounded surface to all edges of the carbon fiber which helps eliminate delaminated edging for those unavoidable strikes that everyone experiences....making this a perfet choice for those that are looking for a simple, durable, and lite frame.For your easy build, several ZMR210R ARF combos are also available to meet your specail requirements.Want to know more about ZMR210R? Join the discussion at the ZMR210 Owners Facebook Group! Weight: 117 grams (Frame and hardware totally ) Includes:1x 4mm Main Frame1x 2mm Top Frame1x Camera mount (for Foxeer Arrow V2 HS1190 or Runcam Swift style cameras. )1x Set of Steel screws, aluminum mounting hardware, and standoffs 2x FPVModel velcro strapYou may also like: (Not Included) FPV Protection Kit for Mini Racing Quad

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