• 1280MHz 200mW Mini FPV video transmitter
    1280MHz 200mW Mini FPV video transmitter

    Small, compact and ligthweight mini transmitter is perfect for FPV, surveillance project with the CCTV security cameras, and can be used to send audio and video signals from any analog video sources; but can also send audio and video wireless from camcorders, TVs and other devices with a composite video out. This is the newest version transmitter, special made it for United States with one avaiable channel. This video transmitter is preferred over 2.4GHz alternatives because it is less prone to interference from outside sources such as wifi networks and cordless telephones. It also wont interfere with 2.4GHz radio control systems (Spectrum DX6/7, FASST, FRsky). 2.4GHz video transmitters will absolutely reduce the range of such R/C systems.It is very easy to implement this transmitter into your design using the included wiring harness. You can hack the harness and find these wires:- Red: Power (5VDC)- Black: GND- Yellow: Video in- White: Audio in You can connect any composite video source to this transmitter.- Digital camera video out- Video camera video out- Micro camera video out The transmitter heats up relative to the operating voltage. It is normal for the transmitter to heat up 60 degrees Celsius when being powered from a 5VDC source. For prolonged life it is recommended to use a heatsink or place the transmitter in an airflow

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