• MFD Teleflypro OSD for MFD AAT System
    MFD Teleflypro OSD for MFD AAT System

    TeleFlyPro Works with AATDriver V5.It Supports VBI+Audio downlink. We get less tracking latency and more reliability.It use a barometer instead of GPS to measure the altitude. So AAT will track better in tile angle.MFD TeleFlyPro is an enhance unit for MFD AAT(AutoAntennaTracker) system.The main function of TeleFlyPro is to modulate the tracking data into Video and Audio signals. These video and audio signals can be transmitted via a common Video-TX /RX module. With a V5.0 or newer AATDriver, the AAT system is able to demodulate the tracking data from the video or audio signal and use it to track the plane.TFPro’s advanced features include:1) Modulating tracking data both into video and audio signals. It’s more reliable and works with most VTX/RX without audio channel compatible issues.2) TFPro has advanced ,pixel-level black/white OSD function. OSD can be disable if it’s not used.3) TFPro uses a barometer to measure the altitude instead of GPS. The tracker now tracks more accurately than before.4) An optional 100Amp current sensor is available if user needs to measure the current/voltage of the power system of the plane. If you need a full-function AutoPilot device for you plane, we recommend our MFD AutoPilot product.

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  • Matek HUBOSD Eco H-Type w/ STOSD8 Dual BEC Current sensor 140A OSD
    Matek HUBOSD Eco H-Type w/ STOSD8 Dual BEC Current sensor 140A OSD

    HUBOSD8 has been engineered to provide the highest possible performance and reliability in a 46*36mm & 4 layers PCB. It is a multifunctional HUB with PDB, BEC 5V/2A &12V/500mA, Current sensor 140A, STOSD8. It is specially made for the mini FPV Quad. The BEC 12V is linear regulator, no LC Filter needed. Built-in STOSD8 can support Plug & Play, no complicated settings needed.Download Manual hereDownload STOSD Tool Software hereSpecifications:Input: 8~ 21V (3-5S LiPo)PDB: 4x30A (Max.4x35A)Regulated 5V and 12V outputsCurrent Sensor 140ABuilt-in STOSD8Physical:- 2oz copper, 4-layers &1.6mm PCB.- 1x Battery input, 4x ESC outputs. 2x BEC 5V outputs, 2x BEC 12V outputs.- Camera signal & Gnd pads, Video Transmitter Signal & Gnd pads- 1x Serial port (RX, TX, G)- Dimensions: 46x36x4mm, Weight: 8.5g- Mounting holes 30.5mm square spacing,Φ3mmPDB (ESC outputs)Continuous current: 30A per output Peak current (10 seconds/minute): 35A per outputBEC 5V outputsDesigned for RC Receivers, Flight controllers, OSD, and Servos.DC/DC synchronous buck regulator.Voltage: 5.0 +/- 0.1VDCContinuous current: 2 Amps (Max.2.5A 10s/minute)Output Ripple: 40mV (VIn=16V, VOut=5V@2A load)Short-circuit tolerant (5 seconds/minute)BEC 12V outputsLinear regulator, very low noise. LC Filter is needless.Designed for Video TX or FPV camera.Voltage: 12.0 +/- 0.3VDC (4~5S operation)Continuous current: 500mA@16V IN, 400mA@20V INShort-circuit tolerant (2 seconds/minute)If the battery is 3S LiPo, Output voltage=3S LiPo voltage - 1V

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